Competition: Challenge Yourself and Draw Your Own Original Stranger Things Character! Win Art!
Prizes: 1st Place WINS an artwork done by Darkonator of anything the winner pleases, be it a tattoo design, your favorite character, your original character design, etc. PLUS, the winner will get a 5x5 high quality matte finished decal sticker (it's a HUGE sticker!), they would look great on your car, laptop, skateboard, anything, get creative! 2nd Place will win an honorable mention, and a 5x5 high quality matte finished decal sticker.
Rules: Get creative because it's Stranger Things time and I want to see YOU guys draw some wicked cool Stranger Things artwork/characters. You must create your own Stranger Things character in any style, can be a creature or a human. You will be judged on: Style Use of Color Creativity Keep these 3 simple rules in mind as you're drawing your character. What's most important, is always have fun with what you're doing, it should be painful Can't wait to see your entries, guys. I'm so stoked! - The Darkonator
Winners will be chosen when number of entries reaches 20 - 11 current entries