Draw Medusa in any style (just head or whole body)

Medusa Greek Goddess

Medusa Greek Goddess

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Drop Dead Gorgeous

Comments (17)
Kakanko · 3 days ago
Wow ... you guys really are amazing.... totally love your drawings
CocoPebble · 3 days ago
Thank you, I do wish her eyes came out a little different tho.
Kakanko · 2 days ago
that's alright ...you did amazing..not kidding ..BTW could you battle me next??..really wanna try and face you some time

YSUAREZ81 · 4 days ago
Like always your my favorite.
CocoPebble · 4 days ago
Awe, thanks that means a lot.
YSUAREZ81 · 4 days ago
Always.good looking out.your the best coco the best. You are very talented.

SFShadowCat · 1 week ago
Yoo Coco amazing job.
CocoPebble · 1 week ago
Thanks man, how come I never seen you on here before bro?
Kreativkat · 1 week ago
They're both good, I can't choose!
CocoPebble · 1 week ago
I know right. Exciting see other new artists engage in challenges.